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Many people who followed the horses when they roamed freely at the Sand Wash Basin HMA wish to continue having access to the horses they knew so well.  Our Wild Horse Refuge allows the public to come see the horses roaming freely within our 23,000-acre Refuge - but ask that you make an appointment so that we can schedule a guide that can help you navigate the massive space within the Refuge.

Quite often, Mustangs can move great distances in a very short time, and given the Refuge encompasses more than 29 square miles (an area larger than the island of Manhattan), there are endless canyons and hidden areas where the horses can go.  Thus, having a guide that is familiar with their habits and favorite locations helps immensely.

If you wish to visit the Wild Horse Refuge and see the horses in person, there are two options:

1) Become a Founder by purchasing an acre or more during our campaign to help complete the purchase of the property. Each year we host a special event for Founders to visit and see this amazing land the mustangs now call “home”. If you are already a Founder, please register to attend Founder’s Day here.

2) Another way to experience the facility in person is to fill out the form below at least 3 days in advance to schedule a time when one of our guides is available for a tour. Please check your spam/junk folder as our responses to your tour inquiry will occasionally land there.

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Please check your spam/junk folder as our responses to your tour inquiry will occasionally land there.

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Come Stay

With Us

We offer an amazing opportunity to spend one or more nights at the Refuge with your fellow Wild Horse loving friends or family.

Comfortable Accommodations Available

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