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Adopt An Animal...


We believe our Adoption Program is just about the most wonderful way to help the Horses!

When you adopt a horse for yourself, a family member or friend, you are showing you care in most meaningful way. Your gift helps ensure the best care and veterinary services – and above all, and at long last - restoring a life of dignity and respect for the horse you’ve chosen to adopt. Your contribution makes a huge difference in the life of that horse, as well as for the cause we all believe in.

When you adopt one of our Mustang residents, what do you get in return?  SATISFACTION & LOVE!  Yes, the saying "You can't buy love, but you can rescue it" goes a long way toward explaining the reasons behind adopting a horse.  Since the Wild Horse Refuge is a wild and free space, and not a small property where the horses are constantly restrained, the whole point of becoming involved with our organization is so you can help restore the wild horse spirit that lives within each Mustang we rescue.


And for those people interested visiting, we'd like you to understand that by coming to “see” the horses - you have an obligation to their care, their lives, and the lives of many who have yet to be rescued.  We very much appreciate all of the wonderful people that do choose to adopt a rescued Mustang, as most do so to become connected with supporting a life - a real living, breathing, life!  


For most adoptive parents it’s not about what do I get if I adopt an animal...  Instead, for them, it’s about helping wild horses survive on a daily basis.


Of course, we want to honor the people that have taken on the responsibility of giving life to another living being, so we have created adoption packages that help our adoptive parents promote the wonderful thing they have committed to.  The following adoption package describes the benefits and cost of becoming an adoptive parent.

Wild Horse Adoption:

• A beautiful framable photograph of your adopted horse
• A framable Adoption Certificate, including your horse’s story and a photo
• A Wild Horse Refuge Adoption T-shirt
• Cost: $30/monthly or $360/yearly - (ongoing - or for one year minimum)



Wild Horse Adoptive Parents are considered Active Supporters and can visit the Refuge without charge. For new Adoptions, you will become an Active Supporter immediately no matter whether you choose to pay all at once, or monthly. 

For those who wish to pay monthly, we can set up monthly credit card or automatic check withdrawals to make it easy to adopt - or you can send monthly checks if you wish. 


Make it easy – pick a horse from our rescue stories - then adopt and pay online!

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