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About The Refuge

In 2022 The Bureau of Land Management began rounding up hundreds of mustangs from two of Colorado's most iconic wild horse herds.  Initially, they took hundreds of wild horses from the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area (HMA) and then moved south to repeat similar round up operations within the Piceance-East Douglas HMA.

Of course, no one wanted to see these amazing creatures being disturbed in any way, let alone rounded up and shipped off to far away locations such as Canyon City, Colorado.  Once there, the horses are held within a Federal Prison Facility where they wait for months on end wondering if they will ever be free again. 


Unfortunately, for the vast majority of the captured horses, they will never again feel the wind in their face as they are destined to be moved from one corral to another - both at the hands of the government - and at the hands of limited space horse facilities or private citizens.

Yet, for some, there is a unique opportunity to regain their freedom through the love and support of those who want to protect and restore their wild spirit.  


Thankfully, the 23,000-acre Wild Horse Refuge in northwest Colorado has thousands of acres of open space available for these horses to regain their freedom.  

Formerly known as the Ri Ro Mo Ranch, this amazing property is being purchased by the Wild Animal Sanctuary in order to offer unprecedented freedom for wild horses. 

Beyond its magnificent scenery and incredibly natural habitat, it is truly amazing to discover the Refuge is located just 30 miles east of the Sand Wash Basin HMA, and only 38 miles northeast of the Piceance-East Douglas HMA.  This means the horses could easily feel as if they have returned home!

Yet, in order for this incredible opportunity to succeed, the Refuge needs your kind and generous support.  Working together, we can combine our compassion and caring spirits to help restore the life that was stolen from so many of these beautiful creatures!


The Wild Horse Refuge is an extension of The Wild Animal Sanctuary. To learn more about this parent organization, please click here.

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