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Never Surrender Their Freedom

Instead - Give Them Refuge

In the largest Mustang Sanctuary in the United States

The Wild Horse Refuge

23,000-acres of pristine grasslands

The Wild Horse Refuge is a private sanctuary that was created entirely for rescued Wild Mustangs that were taken from BLM Herd Management Areas (HMA) located within Colorado.  The Wild Horses living on this special property are now protected and have regained the freedom and independence they had prior to government interference. 


With more than 29 square miles of contiguous land to run free, their wild and free spirit has been restored.  With the Refuge being located just 30 miles from the Sand Wash Basin, and less than 40 miles from the Piceance East-Douglas area, the rescued horses that originated from these two HMA areas feel right at home as they roam freely across the vast open spaces of the Refuge!

There are no paddocks, stock pens, fenced pastures or other smaller and more restrictive spaces in use with the Mustangs that are rescued and released.  Instead of being relegated to small pastures where they might have an occasional opportunity to run a few hundred yards - or possibly even a few thousand feet... the wild horses living at the Refuge are able to gallop and run until they choose to stop. 

It is truly a beautiful sight to see when these wild horses are able to regain control of where they go and what they do completely on their own!

The Wild Horse Refuge is a completely new facility that was acquired in order to create a special home for Colorado's native Wild Horses.


Wild horses (Mustangs) are allowed to roam freely within the Refuge - which has more than 23,000 acres of land for the horses to roam freely.


The Problem

Our Mission

The Horses

The Refuge

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