Never Surrender Their Freedom

Instead - Give Them Refuge

The Wild Horse Refuge is nearly six miles long and nearly four miles wide in certain places.  As such, the wild horses that come to live at the Refuge typically run anywhere from ten to twenty miles per day - just like they did when they previously lived on the open ranges of Colorado.

There are no paddocks, stock pens, fenced pastures or other smaller and more restrictive spaces here.  Instead of being relegated to pens or smaller pastures where they might have an occasional opportunity to run one or two hundreds yards - or possibly even a few thousand feet... the wild horses here at the Refuge continue to run until they choose to stop. 

It is truly a beautiful sight to see, and extremely comforting to know they are in control of where they want to go completely on their own!

Horses on a meadow

The Problem

Cowboy and Wild Horses

Our Mission

Three Horses

The Horses


The Refuge

The Wild Horse Refuge is a special branch of The Wild Animal Refuge


Wild horses (Mustangs) are allowed to roam freely within the the Refuge - which has more than 8,000 acres of land for the horses to roam freely.